Sunday, 16 November 2014

Using a Continuum as a Plenary

The following exercise can be done as a starter to introduce a topic or as a plenary to reflect on the lesson/ topic.
         Whole class form a continuum- a single file line along a wall. Label one end of the wall /space January and the other December. The students line up in a single file line facing you, in order of their birthdays. They can speak to each other for this one.
         Teacher count down from 5-1= pupils individually but all at the same time, freeze as - someone remembering a happy memory or as a character from the lesson, or a particular moment in a story for one chosen character etc etc to create a tableau. Teacher can count down again to show different moments.
         To create a new continuum but this time using the first letter of either their first name or surname. This time the students aren't allowed to speak.
         Count down and repeat the freeze with a sad memory or a different moment or character
         Talk about facial expressions and body language.
         This can be done to show how they feel about their own progress in class as well.

After the final one, the students could then be thought tapped. Using a drum to freeze on also
helps younger students to focus.