Sunday, 18 September 2011

Murder Mystery Scheme of Work

One night the Earl is found dead - whodunnit?

This scheme of work develops student’s ability to create characters, linking it to restoration comedy, and by adopting Stanislavski methods in a simple form to facilitate this. By developing a fun, simple story they also examine how a plot develops, with a chance to improve their improvisational skills. The lesson workshops guide them through the story of the Earl, Miles O’Naire, introducing them to various characters at a dinner party, all of whom have a motive for murder. It enables the students to develop drama techniques such as hot seating, duologue, tableau, angel and devil, split scene, dramatic pause, T.I.R, aside, status, flashbacks and creating and maintaining a character. Through practical workshops and their own independent learning, students gain an insight into how to develop tension and suspense in the form of a black comedy.