Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Adaptable Classic Warm Up Game with a Twist!

A good whole class warm up game- 'Fruit Bowl'- can theme it to any topic/ categories e.g. 'Families'-
         Go round the circle and label the students with the following:-
      • Parent
      • Sibling
      • Grandparent
      • Best friend
      • Head Teacher
         Teacher stands in centre of circle and calls out one of the above.
          Those students stand and swap seats.
         Person left over then calls out another of the above.
         They swap seats.
         As the game progresses more than one category can be called.
         If 'Life' is called, then everyone gets up and swap seats.
         NB- not allowed to swap with the seat immediately next to you.

         Can also be themed to characters even if doing fruit or salad- give each character an action/ way of moving across the circle and a sound.

I've themed this before to 'Christmas' and other festive times; 'emotions'; the 'Spice Girls'; animals; 
BBQ items; ans all manner of historical time periods and genres!