Sunday, 14 September 2014

Starter Game to Iroduce Symbolism

A good whole class warm up game- 'Balloon Race'- can be used to introduce the topic of 'symbolism'- play the game and then ask what could the balloon be if not a balloon. Include a red balloon and you can discuss the ideas for what red could represent e.g. anger/ love/ war. Also can be played to introduce the idea of 'blame', 'responsibility' etc.
         Whole class sits in a circle.
         Label them red/ blue alternately according to the colours of the balloon.
         Get the red team to put their hands up so they know which team they are on and repeat for the blues.
         Start with 2 balloons at opposite sides of the circle and shout 'go'.
         The students pass the balloon to their team mates in a clockwise direction. This can alternate on the next go.
         The aim is to catch up with the other balloon!

         More balloons can be added.