Friday, 13 August 2010

American Civil Rights Scheme of Work

This scheme of work looks at the development of the civil rights movement in America, from slavery and its role in the civil war to the fight for equality lead by Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. Along the journey students use notable aspects of the movement's struggle to develop their drama skills, using split (President Lincoln's assassination), thought tapping and improvisation (The Lynching), Essence Machines (Little Rock Nine) and symbolism (Strange Fruit).

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Aboriginal Dreamtime Scheme of Work

This scheme of work explores the culture of Australian Aboriginals, drawing inspiration from their art, music, history and culture. The story of the creation is introduced, as seen through the Aborigine eyes, with students miming and developing the characters of the animals at a watering hole using a class soundscape, tableau and symbolism. The origins of Australia serve as the backdrop for a discussion about how cultures may clash, with students devising a movement piece to illustrate this. Groups then use examples of art to devise their own pieces for assessment, performed to music.

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