Sunday, 11 May 2014

A Stanislavski Starter

A good starting point when looking at Stanislavski techniques to develop students belief in their characters is the following exercise:-

         Individual exercise - students sit in a space and close their eyes. The W/Shop Leader takes them through the following questions which the students respond to in their head initially as their character from the text/ fairy tale, using their imagination:-
         Who are you?
         What is your name?
         How old are you?
         Where do you come from?
         What do you want?
         Why do you want this?
         Where are you going?
         What will you do when you get there?
§         Teacher - countdown from 10 to 1.
§         Students mime being in a place that is appropriate for their character to be in. Ask the students to consider – 'if I were there, what would I be thinking?' and 'if I were my character, what would I be thinking?' This is the 'Magic If' theory.
§         Teacher says 'freeze'.

§         Teacher thought taps several students.