Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Getting Started on the Exam Performance- Script Ideas for GCSE & AS Level plus Suggested Stimuli for Devised Work

Looking for suitable texts to use with GCSE students? Here are some of the more popular ones- 'Too Much Punch For Judy', 'Blood Brothers', 'Bouncers', 'Shakers', 'Road', 'Two', 'A Talk in the Park', 'Blue Remembered Hills'.

Thinking of doing devised work for GCSE exam performances and need a stimulus? Poetry or monologues from existing texts are always interesting; an item of costume or shoes; a piece of music with an interesting/ provoking set of lyrics e.g. Elvis Costelloe's 'Let Him Hang' or Billy Holliday's 'Strange Fruit' or to interpret the mood and introduce themes of war/ loss/ devastation and rebuilding of life, try Penderecki's 'Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima'; a photograph or article from a newspaper, whether local, national or global; explore an issue affecting your school/ local community/ national or on a global topic; an advert for a charity..... anything that provokes the students to use their imagination.

Looking for suitable texts for the AS Level Paper 2 Drama teacher directed performance exam? Here are some of the more popular ones- 'Our Country's Good', 'Too Much Punch for Judy', 'Vinegar Tom', 'Cider With Rosie',  'The Crucible', 'Easter', 'Find Me', 'Dr Faustus'.

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