Sunday, 9 March 2014

Exam Tip- Using Symbolism

For G&T students you might get them to introduce and develop the idea of Symbolism in their piece: where an object or gesture or sound is used to represent something else. Objects that work well for this are - balloon, key, suitcase, book (bible/ diary etc), photograph, a ring, a flower, a neutral mask, an item of clothing or shoes or a coloured ribbon. These can be used throughout the performance or hinted at subtly, it might be used between characters to show a change in them or by one character throughout e.g one piece I saw had a helium filled plain balloon attached to a chair at the back of the room. It stayed there until the very end of the piece, when it was then released and allowed to float freely. The character that released it had been a victim of domestic violence who cracked and murdered her husband. She released the balloon when she was imprisoned to show that whilst she was imprisoned, she was no longer trapped, that this actually was the most 'free' that she had ever been.

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