Friday, 9 October 2009

Drama Lesson Plan - Using Masks

This free lesson plan introduces students to mask usage through the use of body language, mime, gesture and frozen pictures

Learning Objectives
To learn the basic rules of what to remember when using a mask.

Take register and introduce objective
In a circle, each student steps forward and mimes
  • Hello/goodbye;
  • Happy/ sad;
  • I love you/ I hate you
  • Discuss differences/ observations.
Place 4 chairs facing the audience, each with a neutral mask on.
4 volunteers to sit on chairs and put masks on.
Audience suggests emotions, teacher counts down from 5 and volunteers strike a freeze to represent each.
Discuss observations.

Group work (groups of 4)
Each group devises the following, all to be performed in mime with masks
  • Boyfriend/ girlfriend meet in a park, he gives her flowers;
  • Her ex then turns up and causes an argument;
  • A passerby notices and gets a policeman.
Perform and evaluate.

Ask what the class has learnt about what to remember when using a mask?

Research a style/ genre of masks and make a display for it.

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